This Is What Happened To Raila Odinga When He Was In Nyeri, Madaraka Day

Numerous Kenyan’s today 1st June 2017 showed their dissatisfaction with the way Opposition Leader and Former Prime Minister was ignored despite his efforts to attend the Madaraka Day event that was hosted in Nyeri County. Mr Odinga, who had gone to the 54th festivals, was seated next to National Police Service Commission (NPSC) director Mr. Johnston Kavuludi.

President Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto avoided any notices of the opposition Leader, a takeoff from the past where they would specify how the opposition is censuring the Government.
President Kenyatta likewise neither recognized nor shook hands with Mr. Raila Odinga after the National Function.
After Mr Ruto’s public speech, a few Kenyans on Twitter opined that he ought to have welcomed the Former PM before welcoming the president to give his little speech.
So also, in his without any preparation comments in Swahili, President Kenyatta abstained from mentioning the Opposition Leader.
The two pioneers will go head to head in the vote for the nation’s top political office seat on the August 8 general elections.

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"This Is What Happened To Raila Odinga When He Was In Nyeri, Madaraka Day" by @wakenyanews

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