Every guy has that one female friend that he crushes on
and wishes he would smash if the opportunity ever arose.
To me Alice was that girl – a sweet Kale chic from Eldoret
that i had known since my college years. She hailed from
a wealthy family and loved the good life. We loved
teasing each other. The tension kept steaming. It would
only be a matter of time before we would tear each
others clothes off .
So a few months ago, Alice invited me to her birthday
party at their family mansion at Elgon View Estate in
Eldoret. I went, mostly because I had nothing better to do
on the weekend she was holding her bash. We had fun, I
met some of her equally BFFs and even took their
numbers. The next day, on a Sunday, almost everyone left
and I remained with Alice and her mum in the house.
My plan was to travel back to Nairobi with my brother
Jemo who was bound to drive back from ocha on Monday
morning. Within that short period, Alice’s mother
developed a liking for me already and so she insisted that I stay
till when I was ready to leave. In fact she even sat alone with
me for two hours that Sunday while Alice had gone to shop for
a few household items and told me I looked like a good fit for
her daughter, Good fit? With the blessings of her mother I
decided to persue and see if my shuma would ‘fit’.
When Alice returned, we had lunch then spent the rest of the
afternoon in the swimming pool, where she taught me a few
fish moves.. A swimming champ, she had participated in several
swimming competitions before so I wasn’t surprised at how
good she was underwater. But hardly did I concentrate. All I
could see was her boobs floating on the water and the
magnificent buoyancy of her ass.
In the evening we had supper with her mum then Alice asked
me to go play FIFA with her in her room. FIFA 15 has always
been my favorite game. I massacred her 6-2 in the first
consecutive three games but then during the fourth one, she
decided to use Real Madrid. She beat me 3-1, a victory that
made her so super excited that she started jumping around like
a teenager. It was the first time she had beaten me. She was in
tiny shorts. Oh my those thighs – full of healthy flesh. I stood
up to give her a congratulatory hug for a victory well deserved
The next thing we knew she was deep in my arms, my lips
closed on hers, pushing into the suddenly hungry depths of her
moist mouth. The taste of her; It was like nectar to a bee. It
was spicy and sweet, cinnamon and honey. It was like a blazing
forest fire in the middle of winter. It seared through my soul.
Her arms wrapped tightly and possessively around my
shoulders, the once muted desire flaring to an open flame,
spreading through our bodies, blistering our senses.
We kissed for a few minutes, before I drew back from her,
took a hard breath, then gripped her hand and pulled her into
the bed. I could see the arousal burning through her now. It
hardened her breasts, pulsed in her clit and sent her juices
spilling between her thighs when I opened the zip of her shorts
and shoved my fingers inside. She was wet and hot. Spoiling
for a shag and spoiling for my touch.
I growled before i pushed her against the comfy bed and took
her lips again. Nectar. Paradise. Her kiss was almost like
‘coming; in it’s own way. It gave me a smorgasbord of
sensations that I had never really experienced before. . One
hand fisted in her waves of hair, the other moved from her
shorts and gripped her hip. Alice was beyond shame or
reticence. She followed my lead without asking questions, Her
curvy legs wrapped around my hips and tightened on me. Her
hands were in my head, grabbing it tight like Lebron James on
the ball
I had never known anything as hot, as sweet as Alice. Her lips.
Her touch. The way her fingers threaded through my afro hair,
tugged at it, pulled me closer. Her tongue kept invading my
mouth with heated demand, like Hannibal’s troops into Rome.
What i didn‟t give her, she tried to take, wherever I didn’t
touch she took my hand there. Her mouth I had wild pleasures
that made it impossible for me to withdraw. I sucked at it with
delicate greed. I felt my entire body tighten, and my manhood
harden tightening further, crying out for freedom like an anti-
apartheid activist in the 80s. My hands lifted her up slightly,
before tightening on her rear, clenching in the bunched muscles
there as i pulled her closer,
She kept on kissing. “You‟re killing me here Alice.” I said. I was
almost panting, the need for her growing so sharp, so
desperate, that holding on to my control was becoming no
more than a wish. “Take off your clothes.” she said as she
mildly bit at my neck, causing my thirst to intensify tenfold. As
if I was not undressing fast enough, her soft hands slipped
beneath my shirt. My stomach clenched as her pink nails raked
over his hard abdomen. She pulled at the metal zip of my
jeans. “Damn.” i breathed out the curse as the zipper rasped
I slowly sucked in a breath as she pushed my jeans past my
hips. Watching her, i narrowed my eyes, seeing the complete
absorption in her face as my monster sprang into view. She
wasn’t even distracted by it. Damn. I was hoping she would
become distracted. “
“Where is the condom?’ she asked
I reached out for my wallet before I remembered….i didn’t have
a condom. I hadn’t carried one. Bad mistake. Damn. It was a
travesty. I pretended to continue checking before bowing my
head to claim I forgot, She didn’t have one either,
“Too bad Phil…we’ll have to wait for next time”, she said
“Wait….not even a blowjob?”, I protested
“Nope I hate giving blowjobs. But you are welcome to lick me
down there” , she said
“What?” .
Woman ought to give head or at least try. My attempts to
convince her otherwise landed on deaf ears. And that’s how our
friendship ended.
Yea…this was that bad day in ‘office’!
A few weeks later, I ended up shagging one of her friends,
whose number I had taken at the party. She had tits the size of
pumpkins in my grandmother’s garden. Yeah…that’s just how it
happens sometimes.

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