What RAILA ODINGA Was Told by a Tanzanian Witchdoctor About RUTO

What RAILA ODINGA was told by a Tanzanian witchdoctor about RUTO
In March this year, Mbita MP, Millie Odhiambo, claimed that Homa Bay Women Representative, Gladys Wanga once told him that former Prime Minister Raila Odinga uses witchcraft to keep his supporters around him without taking them anywhere.
Millie, who made these remarks during an interview with Radio Ramogi, claimed that Wanga told her that Raila visits various witchdoctors’ in Tanzania and Nigeria and that is why he easily wins elections in many parts of the country.

Since visiting witchdoctors and traditional medicine-men is synonymous with ODM party leaders, there are whispers within ODM circles that Raila Odinga met a Tanzanian medicine-man, who gave him the right “ingredient” to win the 2017 elections.
A source in ODM says that MPs with the
opposition are speculating that Raila was told that the secret to winning the 2017 General Elections is by courting Deputy President William Ruto because he has the key to State House.
Raila was told to court Ruto again if he wants to win the 2017 elections like he did in 2007 only to be rigged out by former President, Mwai Kibaki.
“They are saying he was told he must court Ruto and the Kalenjin nation again if he wants to sleep in State House,” a source said.
Over the past two weeks, a number of ODM
MPs led by Dr Oburu Odinga, Homabay Town
MP, Peter Kaluma, and Ugunja MP, Opiyo
Wandayi, have been camping in Kalenjin land trying to woo locals to the opposition side.
What is shocking is that the ODM MPs have been saying how they will rescue Ruto from the jaws of ICC, something they haven’t done for seven years Ruto has been appearing at The Hague.

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