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Rapper AKA Charges per show

Most musicians across the globe don’t easily reveal their charges per show or event since they always prefer working with Managers or Promoter. However, some always do reveal since they manage themselves and are always not much secretive on their rates.

Rapper AKA took it on social media twitter platform by revealing his charges per show that shocked majority of his fans. In one of the posts that was trending on social media, rapper AKA stated that he charges at a range of R90,000 ($6,230) to R130,000.

While trying to demonstrate a point, the rapper uncovered the figure he charges per occasion. Otherwise known as has dependably been one to handle reactions as they come and that was what he was doing in a warmed Twitter contention throughout the weekend.

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A considerable measure of fans have blamed him for getting rich from campaigning for the ANC amid the recent municipality road shows in the state.

Hence, Otherwise known as reacted to this by gloating about what he brings home following a 30-minute gig. As indicated by the rapper, what he produced using the ANC amid the crusade revitalizes was nothing contrasted with what he charges to show up in appears.

Trust South Africans to grab the chance to look for budgetary help from the rapper while a few fans were left stunned.

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