What you dint know of Awinja of Papa Shirandula

What you dint know of Awinja of Papa Shirandula

Whether you like it or not, you have met Jacky Vike in one way or another. She played the naughty school girl with particular focus on rumour mongering, named ‘Mildred’ in Wash n Set on NTV. If not, you’ve definitely met her on Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula as the chatty house-help, ‘Awinja’.

Now if you’ll argue that you’re not a TV person you must have seen her in the award-winning movie, “Nairobi Half Life” where she played a call girl. But just how much do you know about Jacky? I guess not so much.

So, here are what you might want to know about her;

#1  Jackie was born and raised in Nairobi’s Eastleigh estate before moving to Western for high school education.

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#2  She met Charles Bukeko (Papa Shirandula) during an audition for a documentary in late 2009. He was in the panel and when he spotted her talent he approached her for the ‘Awinja’ role.

#3  Jacky’s mum she wanted her to do air cabin crew; which she enrolled and quit after a semester. Her heart was simply not in it.

#4 Her greatest motivator is her mum.

#5 Jacky can’t live without God and her mother.

#6  She hates lying because she hates being lied to.


#7 Jacky began acting in school and has since performed in stage theatres, local TV, documentaries and award-winning movie.

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#8 Her favourite actress is Taraji Penda Henson.

#9 The silliest thing she’s ever heard people say about her is that she actually knows her way around town; “Two Kikuyu ladies recognised me. They started talking to each other – “ni ko?” “Ii ni ko, kai koi tauni?” Translates to – “Is she the one?” “Yes she is; you mean she knows the city?”

#10 She’s 26 years ovike7ld.


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