When greener pasture turns out to be dry

When greener pasture turns out to be dry
A 21 year old lady,walked out of her marriage for a
Administrative Police[AP].The mother of two gorgeous
daughter and a
charming husband,who lived in the city and always
offered them
financial support,,could resist the temptation.Blame it on
her moral
standards, greed and the devil.
The alleged AP,had just been posted in the area, but
being a
glorifed guttler and a womaniser,he earned himself
resounding fame in
the village in few days.
The two lovebirds met in a local drinking pub.She had
been out for a
hunting expedition,luckily she got a prey.Chemistry
developed pretty
fast between them,,before she knew she was in the deep
water with her
new catch. Anything to regret??No.He showered her with
Mula and
satisfied her in bed. Obsession crept in stealthly as she
neglected her
mother role,leaving the poor angels in the hands of her
Once a cheat,always a cheat. When the AP’s wife got
rumours about
his conduct,she didn’t wait for evidence,she packed her
belongings and
left,cause she had always suspected him.
Love grew deeper and sweeter. She moved in with him
as the new wife
material. Money,money,he generously gave her.
With pride and arrogance,she exchanged bitter words
with her
hubby,as she settled for a new life. All was well for few
days,,but his
ratchetness could not contain him,,he,had to test
something new. He
never hesitated and retreated to his old manners.
The villagers could not bear anymore,quickly they
reported him to
the local chief. He was summoned and immediately
transferred. That’s how
he left her.
He lied to,her that he had been fired and he couldn’t
not contain
her. She had to find some other means of survival.Guess
what,,,,she was
paged and HIV positive. Really,,the tables were
turned. What would she
do?Go to her mama?Apologize to her hubby?Search for
greenest pasture?
She should dial 666 and negotiate with Satan on what

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