Why 6 months Paged Kawira Is Hospitalized – PHOTOS

22 year old pregnant Kawira is standing out as truly newsworthy after a video of her spouse battering her surfaced yesterday. The video shot by her neighbors at a home in Langata, Nairobi has been making rounds on online networking.

Social equality dissident Boniface Mwangi reposted the video on his Facebook page looking for equity for the ill will Kawira was appeared by her spouse. In the video Kawira is seen accepting blows all over as her spouse tries to drag her in the house where she gets an insane beating.

In addition aggravating is that the couple’s neighbors required some serious energy to record the demonstration while they could have intervened for the pregnant woman. In any case, to their safeguard, they all case to have had a go at isolating the two severally, however their issues never appear to end.

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However the spouse 30 year old John Wachira was captured as it were to be discharged on a ksh.5000 money safeguard by the Langata police.

This is not the first run through Kawira is being hospitalized for being beaten by her spouse of 6 years. Obviously she suffered a unnatural birth cycle once after her psycho spouse wounded in the stomach amid an argument.

Amid a meeting the 6 months pregnant young lady uncovered that the argument was started after she attempted to discover why her spouse was taking photos of their family things (perhaps to offer?).

She however guarantees that the fundamental reason he could have jumped on her is on the grounds that the earlier night he had blamed her for taking his cash.

The following are a couple of realistic photographs of kawira in Hospital.




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