Though his relationships didn’t work out, his music was successful.
“Away from matters love, I continued with doing music. I became very successful – I got opportunities to perform in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Dubai, India, South Africa, Malaysia, Russia, England, and USA among other nations. I thank God life continued normally and I even put up my own production company called Mkasi. It produces television programmes and media commercials.”
However, one thing that he still desires is a family.
“With all that success God has granted me, I have never been lucky to have my own baby. It is purely out of choice though. I, however, will like to have two children once I get a worthy woman for a wife.”

In addition to music, AY has tried his hand at acting.
“Before hooking up with Amani, I featured in a movie called Girlfriend. It is a film that mirrors the lives of musicians. It boasts of a star-studded cast. The actors and actresses include Khaleed Mohamed ‘TID’, Gwamaka Kaihula ‘King Crazy GK’, Juma Mohamed ‘Jay Moe’, Ambwene Yessaya ‘AY’, Yvonne Otieno ‘Monalisa’ , Beatrice Morris ‘Nina’, Sultan Tamba among others.”
“I have never thought of casting in another film production since starring in Girlfriend. However, my voice and image have continuously been used by corporate in Tanzania and beyond for commercial purposes,” said the Vuka Border hit-maker.

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