Huddah Monroe Speaks As To Why She Won’t Get Married

She is one of the all time female celebrities who has been the subject of discourse over the past few years.
However, Whatever Nigerian men did to this top Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe, only God knows. This is because as of now, the lady has been speaking of herself not being interested in the idea of being marriage at all.
Huddah Monroe won't get married

The popular former Big Brother Africa participant has taken to SnapChat alluding that she does not want to get married in her entire life.
“Everyone has their preferences and for me, I don’t ever want to get married. And if I do, may God forbid, not to a Naija man,” the beauty
“These domestic violence stories and their polygamous ways is a no to me,” she emphasized.

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"Huddah Monroe Speaks As To Why She Won’t Get Married" by @wakenyanews

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