Why K.U Graduates Don’t Get Employed Easily – HAVE A LOOK


Swinging to measurements, which the conveners said are the purpose for this activity, Awori noted worry over the way that just 13 for each penny of KCSE holders can join higher learning establishments every year while noticing that different reports, by key associations, paint a bleak photo of our graduate’s employability.

Taking a gander at “The Quarter 1 Talent report 2015” by Coordinate Staffing Services Limited, which was discharged in April for this present year, it is clear that the test for some organizations lies in finding the right nature of planned graduate workers. Thus, what do businesses search for and what is it they miss amongst candidates? The Quarter 1 report says traits, for example, specialized aptitude, information of the significant business, nature of learning and market introduction positions high in the rundown of prerequisites.

“There are such a large number of graduates in the business sector that as of now have the particular scholastic capabilities, consequently rivalry is high. Along these lines, for one to separate themselves, they should be all adjusted, ready to think out about the container, have a specific level of activity and authority and have the capacity to relate well with other individuals in the work place,” Cooperate Staffing Managing Director, Perminus Wainaina said.


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