Why She ignores your text messages or calls

Why She ignores your text messages or calls
NEVER expect a relationship from a girl who puts out
quickly. I would forget about this girl and move on before
you develop more feelings. She “begged” you to message
her because she was bored and looking for something fun.
Clearly, she has experience with playing around with guys.
Nevertheless, this kind of stuff happens all the time and I
would like to know why too. Hopefully she is just busy or
broke her phone. If she’s playing games or has something
else going on, then you would be better off moving on.
Either way, I don’t think you should text her again, if she
didn’t get your last five, then why would she get this one?
She might of hit it off with someone better?
Normally its text once, no reply, text twice, still no reply,
call, no answer. Give up & let her ring you, considering she’s no longer interested. You need to move on. She was with you only for some fun.

She used you now she doesn’t need you anymore ’cause she
probably found someone better. Don’t waste your time
thinking of her. Ignore hers… most likely you are a bugga boo, but she will miss those calls… move on and find someone else to
trouble…! STOP BUGGING HER! than you ignore her , simple ! Don’t spend your time on someone who doesn’t spend theirs on you. You should move on. She’s not interested anymore. I
think it was most likely a one-night-stand, so you should
probably stop calling her and un-add her on social media and everywhere else. At
this point you’ve made the effort and you have done your
part, so the rest is on her. Don’t take it personally, some
girls are just like that unfortunately. If she wants to call you
back, she will… If a girl is interested, she WILL text you back.
If someone is interested in you they will show it and they
would make sure to contact you.
I am sorry you got hurt or hooked, but I think you should
move on. Delete her number and move on with your life.
Cause she probably feels bad for sleeping with you so fast
and girls like to have a serious relationship with someone
who they haven’t made a mistake sleeping with a guy too
fast. She was just having fun for the night.

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