Why should you do the forbidden? Control your temper.

Why should you do the forbidden? Control your temper.
The good book clearly shades some strong light to children,that they
should obey and honour their parents so as to live longer on
earth.They have struggled to raise you up and offer the best even when
they had nothing much.We all differ,some have been raised by a single
mother,both parents or non at all.We should learn great lessons from
whoever brings us up and bear in mind that one day one time,,we will
have to take up their responsibility and we would want the best for
our future kids as well.
Mzazi ni mzazi,no matter the age,skin tone,looks,ability or
demeanor.Some youngsters have stuggled tooth and nail to fit in by
doing the forbidden.You have heard of the Willy Paul saga,,he rejected
his mother for a better mother,,ooh really??The Kanye West scandal as
well,,that he offered his mum as a sacrifice to fame and money.So sad
and incredible.
Worst of all,some beat up their parents and insult them with very
vulgar words,simp ly cause you asked for something and he or she could not offer.Hey go slow on the
.Well,some of them could not be up to the mark,meaning they dont take
responsibility.Some go drinking or misbehave with other men
anyhowly,however this should not propel you to throw back harsh words
on them or murk them up.

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In short obey them and cherish them for were it not for them,where
would you be???Control your temper when they piss you off .

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"Why should you do the forbidden? Control your temper." by @wakenyanews

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