Size 8 Discloses Why She Wants To Dump DJ Mo


Most celebrities usually have their other side that is always undisclosed at the primary stages especially when it comes to relationship affairs. Apparently, this never goes a long way before all is trending in the internet, magazines, social media platforms etc.
Gospel songstress, Linet Munyali, who is prominently known as Size 8, almost parted ways with DJ Mo in spite of the fact that she imagined all was alright in broad daylight.
While talking in a meeting, Size 8 unveiled that when she settled down for marriage with DJ MO, she thought that it was difficult to be meek.
In the beginning of our marriage, I gave DJ MO a hard time! I was an alpha female who had loads of money – why was he asking me to be submissive?” She said.
Obviously, her better half used to get enraged and would abandon her on occasion for a considerable length of time after a contention.
DJ Mo could explode and I was very loud,” She further disclosed.
When things became too hot to handle, they decided to swallow their pride and sought for help from the Kiunas, the famous cons who own Jubilee Christian Centre (JCC).
Now we are happy, we are good and we coexist with each other. Mentorship and counseling is good for marriages.” The popular singer added.
They were prompted on the most proficient method to handle their marriage and gain from each other’s slip-ups.

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"Size 8 Discloses Why She Wants To Dump DJ Mo" by @wakenyanews

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