Why Uhuru Kenyatta Likes Wearing The Silky Shirts

Uhuru Kenyatta Silky Shirts

Kenyans on Twitter have responded entertainingly to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s penchant to wear his well known silk shirts at whatever point he is going to do “destitute individuals stuff”.

KoT called attention to the “coincidence” in the “reality/fact” that every time the Head of State was imagined investing energy with the common wananchi, he more often than not wears the trademark silk shirt.


Mr Kenyatta has in the past stood out as truly newsworthy for his red streamed silk shirt that he has been seen wearing amid various state capacities.
In the greater part of the events, he winds up blending with wananchi after the official engagement.
He wore one while amid the last mile network dispatch in Kiambu after which he met with this lady.

why Uhuru Kenyatta likes the silky shirts
President Uhuru Kenyatta Silky Shirts

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