Why You Could Have Been Eating Sausages From Rotten Meat


Recently, news was doing around about the chicken being sold in Nairobi, the gizzards, necks and livers. Speculatively, it was that the sweet meat was from the black birds that are popularly found in dump sites e.g in huruma estate, kibera slums and many other sources.

On Friday 15th July 2016, the public health officers have unveiled an illegal sausage production company that is located in Kinangop. According to the officers, the sausages that were found in the site were being made from rotten meat and is mixed with
some unhuman fit chemicals so as to remove the rotten smell from the meat. Later on, the sausages are transported to various towns within the country for consumption.

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Magumu Assistant County Commissioner Mathew Wambugu said that they raided the firm after residents of the area and members of the public reported to them that people were getting into the facility with heavy polythene paper bags suspected to be porched meat or carcass.

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