NEVER SEEN BEFORE Hot PHOTOS Of Wilbroda, Jacqueline Nyaminde

Wilbroda Shirandula aka Jacqueline Nyaminde is one crazy comic that stars on TV show Papa Shirandula that runs each Thursday on Citizen TV. While in character, she cherishes to shading conflict and talks in a dialect that I term as her own particular as it were. Below, we have presented you with Wilbroda of Papa Shirandula & Radio Citizen Exclusive Awesome, Cute Photos 2017 that you probably haven’t seen before.
Have a look at the photographs beneath:-

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Wilbroda shirandula
Wilbroda of Papa Shirandula

Jacqueline Nyaminde profile photos
Jacqueline Nyaminde aka Wilbroda Shirandula

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"NEVER SEEN BEFORE Hot PHOTOS Of Wilbroda, Jacqueline Nyaminde" by @wakenyanews

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