Wololo….!! Dangerous Things Done by Corazon Kwamboka

Dangerous Things Done by Corazon Kwamboka

Why on paradise earth would men need to stay away from Corazon Kwamboka’s way? She postures incredible risk to our prosperity!
Underneath that titillating body Corazon has, lies another “obscure” individual that has the guts to shoot a destructive weapon.
The inside and out socialite is tying remaining detail in her own security. Corazon has taken matters into her own particular hands and chose to prepare herself how to handle gun.
Thought her kind was delicate, presumably would be frightened to shoot a gun? Not the bootylicious Corazon Kwamboka!
The socialite was seen honing how to shoot. She was discharging a gun at a shooting reach in an undisclosed area.
What is it with big names racing to be seen discharging firearms! “Bunduki si mwiko” In the expressions of previous Government representative, Dr. Alfred Mutua.
Watch the clasp beneath to see Corazon working on shooting:

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"Wololo….!! Dangerous Things Done by Corazon Kwamboka" by @wakenyanews

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