Yoweri Museveni Businesses, Wealth & Salary

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s riches is in the tune of millions of dollars however his pay is under $20,000 every month.
Most recent figures demonstrates that Museveni procures a month to month pay of $ 15,000, which is among the most reduced in Africa and the world. This salary is, be that as it may, is basic pay since there are a few different advantages he appreciates as a president. For example, when he voyages abroad, he should get recompenses, which adds up to at any rate $500 every day.

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Museveni’s riches incorporates farms in Rwakitura and Kisozi Uganda which suits more than 2,000 solid dairy animals which deliver thousands of liters of drain day by day. The Uganda president makes at any rate Ugsh100 million every month from his homestead.
Aside from domesticated animals cultivating, Museveni has interests in land, hotel industry and additionally transport industry. He has likewise contributed vigorously in the banking industry.
The longest serving President of Uganda is assessed to be worth $ 850 million.

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