Yoweri Museveni Cautioned About Chances Of a Military Coup

The long renowned and silent big fish in the Government and ‘Missing in action’ former coordinator of Uganda’s Intelligence services in the UPDF, General David Sejusa better known as Tinyefunza has returned with a cautious message pointing to President Yoweri Museveni of a possible military coup d’état and political destabilisation just in case and probably of any time in the near future.
According to General David Sejusa, the Ugandan Nation is witnessing and experiencing a lot of violence, disruption of social life and general apprehension of the people of Uganda. The citizens have already began to feel unsure about the future as well as there exists numerous issues pertaining insecurity all over the nation affecting the citizens.

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Below is a statement by former Uganda Intelligence Service coordinator General David Sejusa;-
“Politicians can fight their political wars but should leave the people of Uganda in peace. The poor people who are being beaten and flogged, women undressed in front of their children and cameras, are the ones whose poor parents fought the war of liberation.”
He went ahead and orated this;
“They are the people who housed us, gave us food, provided us with intelligence and offered their all to create a better future. Nobody has a right to abuse them. Our women must not be stripped and beaten and whoever does it will become the new enemy.”
More news to follow…..

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"Yoweri Museveni Cautioned About Chances Of a Military Coup" by @wakenyanews

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