Yoweri Museveni Football Challenge Is Here. See all The Trending Photos

Uganda president Yoweri Museveni is up on the online networking platforms after his football challenge out and about. He entirely stops to flabbergast. From making telephone call by the roadside to playing football on the main road space, his showy behavior are constantly funny.

This has charmed him to numerous fans for the most part on the online networking making a buzz for the most part in Kenya where numerous have swung to copying his jokes

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Football aside, his past trick of making a roadside call turned into an overnight joke that Museveni required security and his tinted auto meddled with the sign quality.


Museveni Football Challenge
Yoweri Museveni Football Challenge

Others said he never needed his bodyguards to hear what he was saying and the individual he was conversing with.

#MuseveniPhoneCall #m7Challenge

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"Yoweri Museveni Football Challenge Is Here. See all The Trending Photos" by @wakenyanews

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